Why failed to add device?

  1. Please check whether device is powered on;
  2. Whether phone is connected via Wi-Fi;
  3. Whether device is ready for configuration. To get the device ready before configuration, normally you can manually press on the device to get it ready. Please refer to "Product Instructions" or Device Reset Instruction for details.
    Each time to add device, reset Wi-Fi to get device ready for configuration and make sure router is working properly.
  4. Check routers or related:
  5. Make sure the password entered in App is correct when adding new device

How to reset device?

  1. Reset heater, oil heater etc.
  2. Reset smart light

How to add device under EZ mode?

  1. Make sure that indicator light or light quickly flash;
  2. Phone has connected to Wi-Fi router and been able to connect to Internet;
  3. Tap "Add device" in app and enter correct Wi-Fi password. Touch to search device around;
  4. In the device list, select and add the device.

How to add device under AP mode?

  1. Make sure that indicator light quickly flashes or light slowly flashes;
  2. Tap "Add device" in App and then "AP mode" in the top right corner. Connect to device hotspot first and then Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap "Next" to add device.

Can I control device with 2G3G4G network?

How can I share my device with family?

How can I manage the devices shared by others?